Music: Toph One / Miles / Grandmaster Slice

Well I just got back from playing a RARE gig at the Rickshaw Stop here in San Frandisco... I've been trying not to play out lately and focus on other thangs (booty)... just kidding ;P but seriously, it was for my homegirl and all the proceeds went to a SUPER cause, so I had to represent. I went all over the place... back to the future... foward to the past... Youuuu knoooow...

So anyway... here is one of the joints I played... from back back in the day day...

Grandmaster Slice - Electric Slide

Actually, I can remember when and where i was when i heard this for the first time... Yep, its one of those old school jizzams.

So... tonight I played with one of a handfull djs I really admire... San Francisco's finest... Mr. Toph One. He and Miles outta Dallas Texass. They be some godfathers of soul to me. Mad inspiration and respect... ill selection. which is what it is being a DJ is all about.

And peace to my homeboy and his girl in Austin, getting married on saturday... wish I could be there brotha. much love.

And I'd also like to shout out to Old Dirty Bastard and GZA (The Genius) who taught me to diversify my assets. And werd up to the submarines.


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