Music: Marley Marl & Pete Rock - The In Control Radio Show

I've been a serious homebody lately and really haven't felt like going out much but friday night I found myself stumbling into the MARK THE 45 KING show at MILK at my homegirls prompting. And im glad I did. It was dope.

After hiding in the car out front for who knows how long. Mark rolled in with a stack of about 15 records... of course he came correct with the classic cuts played the old school way... but! the classics can't compete when the crowd wants to partay. So, openers Haul & Mason out of LA stole the show, bangin' everything from Soul II Soul to the new Neptunes / Snoop jump off 'Drop it like its hot'.

So. Here is some old school for ya... Classic NY radio from 1989 - Marley Marl and Pete Rock's In Control radio show. Guess whose in the studio?? Run DMC and EPMD... yup.


Part 1 / Part 2

Wish I had a tracklist...


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