Music: Love Parade SF

I hit up the San Francisco version of Love Parade today.

It was cool, about 15,000 people turned out. Meager compared to the 1,000,000 in Berlin but it was the first year so I expect it will keep growing and growing.

San Francisco is the obvious place to throw it in the U.S. anyway.

Unfortunately, like at Burning Man, Hip Hop was not represented in any major way. There was House, Drum and Bass, Breaks, and LOTS of Progressive House (Trance), but no hip hop no rnb no idm no music with much "soul" with the exception of some of the stuff coming out of the Om / Sunset / Green Gorrilla systems.

Disappointing since, this is the easily the most musically diverse city in the country.

I don't diss trance like most music fans seem too as there is definately some good music in the genre (duh). Here is some... "progressive"

Ellen Allien - Sehnsucht

After parties here I come...


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