Music: Medeski, Martin & Wood / The Dust Brothers

Jazz is not my forte, mainly because I haven't invested the time it takes to truly get your head into that world. I do like a great deal of it however, and Medeski, Martin & Wood are one of only a few Jazz artists I not only keep up with but actually go to their shows too.

So when I heard that Dust Brother John King was producing their new album, I was ecstatic. The Dust Brothers as you know, produced the now classic Beastie Boys album Paul's Boutique. Which was ahead of its time to say the least. They also scored The Fight Club, produced Beck's most popular album and Ummm.. Hanson.

Collaboration is nothing new with Medeski, Martin & Wood. They previously worked with RZA's engineer Scotty Hard on The Dropper album.

So. The new album End Of The World Party is here, and unfortunately, I am under whelmed. It is not bad, by any means. But the kind of Jazz fusion it delivers is just not moving me. Is it the guitars? I'm not sure. But I would prefer my Medeski, Martin & Wood jazz straight up rather than sparked with this kind of Dust.

Here is my favorite song from the album.

Medeski, Martin & Wood - Anonymous Skulls

The other stand out is the fantastic cut Toy Dancing which sounds more like Dust Brothers meets Money Mark meets Adrock's BS2000 project rather than anything Medeski Martin or Wood.

BS2000 - The Scrappy

Check it out the album and make up your own mind.


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