Music: Sa-Ra & Lizz Fields - Live in San Francisco / Fresco


I came in expecting to be underwhelmed by Lizz Fields... but god damn... her live show is steps above her new album By Day By Night. Playing with a full band, the live versions of her tunes had 5x times more energy and she has a captivating stage presence... I could almost say she... stoled... the... show... from... sa... no i wont say it.

Lizz Fields is ill. I had no idea.

Her new album is very very very chill and just hasn't pulled me in... yet... but she gives off so much energy in her performance it is amazing. Very very very good. I will definately see her again.

So Sa-Ra... the reason I went... Dope. Not as well rehearsed as I expected (this is what? their 3rd, 4th show?) and is somewhere between P-Funk and... Prince? I don't know if it was a sound system problem or what but when everyone was singing... it just wasn't very clean sounding. and I was front and center.

Anyway... Here is an idea of what you missed...

Sa-Ra - Live in Session on Worldwide

And here is a great interview with Om'Mas and Taz from Sa-Ra at the Red Bull Music Academy...

Part 1 / Part 2

Very very good shit.

I had a chance to talk with all three of the Sa-Ra cats and was quite impressed. Very humble and totally down for the sound. Just like Spacek. If you can see em... SEE 'EM!!! Props to Fresco for the tickets and vinyl. Mad mad mad respect.


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