Art: Travis Millard / Kiel Johnson

Held in the terrific Obey Giant / Subliminal / 1269 Gallery space Travis Millard and Kiel Johnson had a great showing this past weekend.

Appropriately titled... Oooolathe which is the town (Olathe) in Kansas they are both from. The show was a collaboration between the two super artists… each with their own distinct style. The show had about 20 large pieces (3x4) which were pretty much completed over the course of the previous 2 weeks…

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the work at the actual show… yet, but here is some of Travis’ great stuff in the meantime…

Lif & Doom
Watson & Crick

Travis Millard


Unfortunately, Kiel doesn't have much work online... that I can find anyway.

Here is one lowly sample.

My favorite piece at the show was Kiel's work entitled "Old Executives Airport"... and unfortunately I can't describe in any way that will do it justice, think dumpsters, farm land, surveillance cameras and craggy lopsided architecture. Fantastic stuff! I WANT THAT PIECE... If only I wasn't so damn poor... (Methadone is expensive)


The Clean Prophets performed later in the evening and on until the free Miller's High Life (The champange of beers) ran dry...

It was a great show so check them out...

The Clean Prophets

Here is one of the songs I dug the most...

Clean Prophets - Tambourine Crown


A fantastic time lapse of the entire show as well as the creation of several pieces was captured by Theo Jemison and Arthur Moore of the indestructable LA collective... Indetermidable

They played the timelapse footage during the opening and it was great to see people huddled around the monitor watching the show being put together with the film shot only hours before.

The timelapse footage will be online soon... and I will post it soon after.

'cause it be dope.


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