Music: Dillinja - Breezeblock Mix (2004)

I wasn't going to post this... till I got to 19:30... That TC cut Let's Go... HOLY F*CK! Were talking a serious bassbin workout... makin' the car alarms go off.

Dillinja - Breezeblock Mix (2004)

Madness ensues...

Dillinja - 'In The Grind VIP'
Dillinja - 'Hard Noize'
Craggz & Parallel Forces - 'Fizzy Piglets (TC Vocal VIP)'
Dillinja - 'All The Things VIP / Remix'
Digital - 'Sound Killer'
TC - 'Let's Go' (Ft. MC Jakes)
Dillinja - '96 Thing'
Dillinja - Basscone


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