Platinum Pied Pipers - Live in San Francisco / Fresco

DAAAAAMNIT!!! How am I ever going to leave this city and get married and have babies and a dog (or cat... maybe a parakett)??? F*ck, This musick fiend has access to SO MUCH diversity, so much incredible shit. More than NY. More than LA. San Francisco is the music mecca of the U Ass of A. Unless you're more into guitar stuff, and then I dont' know where to tell you to go. Actually, I DO know where to tell you to go...

So, here is a sampling of the fine delectable delectables that PPP droped on the HEAVY SF crowd.

Platinum Pied Pipers - Live in Manchester - February 2004

I always gots to hit up the backup singers cause godamn every crew is hidin' some major talent in their wings. Frankly, this show was all about Tiombe and Georgia they ran the stage.

Tiombe is a real show stopper. Not as out front as Georgia but she gots the skillz... her songwriting and voice... fantastic. Definately, a stand out like Jennifer Johns.

This sluggish piano playa really really caught my ear... not only is it lopping and funky but ummm.. eeerrr.. uuuuh.... Johnnie Black is my drink!

Tiombe Lockhart - Mr. Johnnie Walker

Tiombe Lockhart

Georgia has a very strong stage presence and an incredible voice. Check this sample...

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Nothingness

Georgia Anne Muldrow

So Wajeed droped the ill beats on the 1200s and Saadiq the Freek funked us up on the keys and the guitar. Fantastic stage presence. And hilarious! Of course with most small venues and live shows, Milk being one of them, the sound quality is sacrificed. Like, Sa-Ra that didn't bother me so much cause I know they are sick. But, most of the cats there tonight go to every Fresco show and they might walk away less impressed than they should be.

The Platinum Pied Pipers are ill.

Cop the album coming out in February on Ubiquity. Dwele is on that sh*t. Saadiq will funk you up. Wajeed gots the beats on heat. Wut more can I say?

Mad respect to the Fresco crew AGAIN for the wickedness. And big up to the bartendress for "sponsoring" me. Love.

Got Damn! I haven't been this impassioned with a style of music since UK Garage left me 8 Bars ago for Grime.

Unfortunately, we don't speak as much as we used to...


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Triple P is awesome. Keep up the varied and fresh reviews - we're out there taking notes.

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