Music: Ashanti / Dillinja

Daaamn son! This is what it would sound like if Dillinja made Pop music...

Ashanti - Only You

Listen to that f*ckin' bassline... WHaaaaa!?!?! Hells yeah!

I heard the beginning of this joint and I was like holy sh*t! I had to check the volume on Real player 'cause i thought it was distorting... But NOOoo.. man you have got to be kidding me... that distorted ass nasty bass is ILL, mixed with bubble gum, no less.

This cut was produced by long time Ashanti / Murder INC. (what a retarded name for a pop music label) affiliate... 7 Aurelius. Who also did the best cut on the new LL Cool J album - Hush.

The same thing that drew me to this tune was the same thing that made Dillinja my favorite producer for a minute back in the day... THE BASSLINE. Witness...

Cybotron Feat. Dillinja - Revelations (Prototype) 1998

Whats cool about this Dillinja tune is that you can tell he is sampling one of those horns in a can that you hear people blow at football games. Listen close, you can hear the crowd cheering in the background. Dillinja is still a god when it comes to that bassbin science.

You just know this new Ashanti jump off is gonna get hit up with mad Drum and Bass bootlegs just cause of that bassline... Wicked.


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Blogger Ms. B said...

I can't stand her vocals but that bassline is sick! I want someone with real vocal power to cover it...Kelis or someone who could compete with the bassline and blow it out the water!!!

2:36 PM  

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