Music: Goldie - Live at Metalheadz

So here is a 2 hour set of Goldie live at the Metalheadz night at Herbal in London last week.

Goldie - Live at Metalheadz

Absolutely friggin' ridiculous... so tuff, and I can't stop listening, Drum and Bass is still the new/old heavy metal. Much harder than I prefer but I gotta admit Goldie absolutely shreds it. The mix is nearly flawless. He drops in one of my favorite CHOOOONs outta nowhere at 38:00 and rolls with it for about 2 minutes before resuming the madness.

I can just imagine the Herbal crowd now... the air smokey... the vibe thick... and the club is packed with hundreds of sweaty dudes... nary a female too be seen. Hahahahaa.... I'll pass.

Bang your head to dis.


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