Film: 2046 by Wong Kar Wai

Well here are some new HI-RES press photos for the film I have been anticipating the most this year, besides Otomo's "Steamboy" and Oshii's "Ghost in the Shell: Innocence"... Wong Kar Wai's "2046".

The last Wong Kar Wai film was the romantically haunting and beautiful love story - "In the Mood for Love".

This will be his first film using computer generated effects (environments, set extensions, etc.) so it will be interesting to see how he uses that new tool.

The Visual Effects were completed by France's most respected FX house BUF Compagnie, which burst onto the scene with Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet's 1995 film "City of Lost Children".

Still no release date in the USA... although it already premiered at Cannes.

New Pictures

More Pictures

Korean Trailer (Windows Media)


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